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Rabbi Gastón Bogomolni & Rebbetzin Marcela Gómez

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Rabbi - Cantor Gastón Bogomolni,  and his wife Marcela Gómez-Bogomolni, therapist, social worker, Energy Healing student, and business owner, have more than 20 years of experience working with seniors, adults, youth, and immigrant populations. As a Jewish clergy family, they have the sensitivity and the expertise of combining emotion, spirituality, and mental health altogether.  


Back in May of 2019, during a rough time with their 3 children, Tzimtzum, The Source of Light was born. A Non-Profit Jewish Organization created in honor of the spiritual and emotional growth of our three teens. Its mission is dedicated to educate, heal, help families and bring awareness to elevate the consciousness through workshops, seminars, community meals, holiday celebrations, lectures. spiritual retreats, healing events, drum circles, theater, mitzvah-ton, among others. Tzimtzum aims to reach and work with individuals from all ages and demographies, from all colors and creeds, from all genders and ability, kids, teens, couples, singles, broken marriages, elder and parents through counseling, self-improvement techniques, Jewish Wisdom, Mussar and Kabbalah.

Understanding the great need of the community after the devastation of Covid-19 they have decided to join efforts and combine their leadership and expertise for the good and well-being of Florida residents. They opened TAL Community Mental Health Center, located in Miramar, FL.

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