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I began the process of becoming Jewish through my spiritual growth after discovering Judaism and therefore Kabbalah. To this day, I find no better way for a human being to grow. Commissioning a Sefer Torah is a symbol on Earth of the importance, significance, and power of finding Kabbalah for myself, not only as a creed but as a philosophy of life. I want to leave the legacy of Ruth Mazal bat Abraham v’Sarah (my Jewish name).

As a Jew by choice, writing a Sefer Torah means leaving a mark for history, for posterity. Where families can pray and learn Torah and many simchas (celebrations) come from there. May this merit be for the elevation of the soul of my mother Miriam Madrid, who greatly needed God and did not have Him; and for the spiritual elevation and merit of my son and the children of my husband Reabbi Gastón Bogomolni, for their mental health and spiritual elevation. It is truly a privilege.


It is a Torah mitzvah that each individual should have/write their own Torah scroll (Deuteronomy 31:19). This seems to be a difficult mitzvah to fulfill, as a Torah scroll can cost tens of thousands. However, as we know, if a single letter of the Torah is missing, God forbid, then the entire scroll is considered not kosher.
For this reason, each letter is like a complete scroll.

Today we can fulfill the mitzvah not only with a complete written scroll, but with a parasha, a book of the 5 books of the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), a pasuk (chapter), a line, a verse, a word, a letter, or a special section (10 commandments, Shema, priestly blessing, etc.). The donation (with the amount that is most comfortable for you) can be made in the merit of your relatives, friends, children, or in memory of your loved ones.

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