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Our Sister Company

TAL Community Mental Health Center has recently opened in  Miami-Dade County to assist all individuals, couples and families as they seek solutions to their relationship issues, mental health problems and healing of the emotions. Located in Miramar, FL, TAL  CMCH is the perfect combination of conventional and holistic approaches, including conventional interventions,  individual, couple and family therapy provided by qualified therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers; arts (music, energy healing, dance, painting) and mindfulness to heal through holistic approaches.

TAL  CMHC is certain that love, affection, passion and professionalism are the keys to positive transformation. This concept guided the creation of their greatest service, TAL Empowering Life Groups (TELG), a perfect opportunity to speak with others who are experiencing similar issues. Knowing what different ways each type of group may work can help you find the best method of support.  Groups are always guided by specialists and therapists who help the participants to find solutions through their conflicts.

Most importantly, at TAL CMHC,  every person matters. Their owners are Rabbi  Gastón Bogomolni and his wife Marcela Gómez-Bogomolni, therapist, social worker, and business owner  with over  20 years of experience working with seniors, adults, youth  and immigrant populations.  As a Jewish clergy family,  they have the sensitivity and the expertise of combining emotion, spirituality  and mental health together.  Understanding the great needs of our community after the devastation of COVID-19,  they  joined efforts and combined their leadership and expertise for the good and well-being of  Miami-Dade County residents. TAL CMHC accepts insurance and provides special aid for those who  qualify for financial assistance.  Participants can join in-person or by Telehealth appointments.

TAL CMHC is located at 12781 Miramar Parkway, STE 1-203, Miramar, FL 33027.  Schedule a call at +1 (786) 830-5880,  +1 (786) 648-3588 ; email ; visit

logo tal azul.jpeg
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